Your Profile Questionnaire

PHS Class of 1965 Personal Profile

Print this out and mail it to Pam Ludeman Price

Name:­­­­ ________________________________________________________________________

              First Name                              Last Name                          (Women Only) Maiden Name

Part 1: Classmate Profile: Please complete this form and return it to Pam Ludeman Price. 

  1. Spouse:
  2. Email Address:
  3. H/Phone:
  4. C/Phone:
  5. (Optional) “Other phone number” (work):
  6. Home Address:
  7. City/State/Zip:
  8. OTHER Address (P.O. Box):
  9. City/State/Zip:
  1. Birth date: (mm,dd,yyyy)
  2. Anniversary:(mm,dd,yyyy)

   12. List boy/girl and names below if you want to have them posted. (i.e. John (1988); Jane (1990)





Part 2: Photographs throughout the ages: (THEN & NOW = Sr photo in 1965 yearbook & current photo of you or you with your family) Please scan and send Pam a recent photo (.jpg) for your NOW photo to 

Please send photographs (must be .jpg images - that means "photographs" like the ones you print out) of you and your family: (I cannot post .pdf copies, only .jpg images.)

WEBSITE PHOTOS:  It would be great to have your 1965 and current photos (“Then” and “Now”) posted together in the “Classmate Profiles” section of the website. Family photos for the website are welcome, too.

Part 3: Since high school graduation:

  1. Location! Location! Location!
    List the area of Texas (Panhandle, East Texas, Hill Country, etc.) or if not in Texas, the state(s) / countries that you have called “home.”
  2. I furthered my education by
  3. I served in the military. First, above all else, “Thank you for your service to our country!”
    A. What branch:
    B. How many years (during the years of…):
    C. Add any other information you would like to share here:
  4. Occupation or Retired…
    (What did you do before you retired?)
  5. Some interesting experiences I have enjoyed are
  6. “These are a few of my favorite things” to do…
  7. Anything else you want to share with your classmates…