Highlights of 1964

A Journey Down Memory Lane

This is from the Class of 1964 ... 

In the Spirit of our Upcoming 55th Reunion, here’s a few things that were going on in 1964.  I’m sure you can add some more!

In 1964, 238 of the 254 Texas counties voted for LBJ.  Grey County and 15 other voted for Goldwater.  
LBJ won the nation in a landslide and quickly declares a “War on Poverty”
Texas beat Oklahoma 28 - 7
Harvester Football won 4 and lost 6;  Harvester Basketball won 14 and lost 12
LBJ signed the Civil Rights Act, ending segregation in Public Places
The Beatles had a good year, but THE BEST SONG of 1964 was “Leader of the Pack” by The Shangri-Las.  Buck Owens was on top of the country charts.
Top Television Show was “Bonanza”
Gas was 30 ¢/gal. Esso (later Exxon) suggested we “Put a Tiger in Your Tank”.
Postage was 5¢
Wheat sold for $1.30/bushel
Mr Cameron Marsh was the PHS Principal
James Bond drank “Martinis - shaken not stirred”
Martin Luther King won the Nobel Peace Prize and was perhaps the most famous person in America
The FBI spent 4 months investigating the “obscene lyrics” of Louie Louie
LBJ was President, but there was NO vice-president in 1964
The Beatles did their Ed Sullivan thing
The Ford Mustang was introduced
UCLA won their first NCAA basketball championship - they would be National Champs 10 of the next 12 years
Elizabeth Taylor divorced Eddie Fisher and  married Richard Burton - 1 of her 8 marriages
The Surgeon General said that smoking MIGHT lead to Lung Cancer
Cassius Clay won the heavyweight championship from Sonny Liston
The Boston Strangler killed the last of  his 13 victims & was later arrested
The Warren Commission concludes that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone
IBM announces the “System/360 Main Frame Computer”.  Remember Punch Cards?
The Cold War defines foreign policy - 4 years after banging his shoe on the table at the UN,  Nikita Khrushchev falls from power
The World’s Fair held in NYC predicts we will all be living in Formica Houses 
Nelson Mandela was sentenced to Life in Prison
ZIP codes were introduced - Pampa 79065
Population of Pampa was almost 25,000 - the most it would ever be.
245 Seniors graduated from Pampa High School (Class of 1964)

... Around 380 Seniors graduated from PHS in 1965. We Baby Boomers were the largest Class to graduate from Pampa High School.